Will this also work in linux and mac


31-10-2008 06:16:40


Will this also work in linux and mac like the version pjcast had?


01-11-2008 23:22:56

in the end, yes.


02-11-2008 06:01:41


i'm glad you are doing this, because I have been using this library for a long time, it works fine, but the frame rate issue has been very annoying, it is especially bad during a seek.

i also implemented my own version, using audiere instead of audacity, but I was never able to solve the frame rate drop issue perfectly,

if you choose to use audiere for sound, it works great in linux, but it seems to have some fundamental problems in windows that causes crashes, just to let you know. I ended up using openAL for windows sound and audiere for linux, and I have been waiting for someone who can get it working

Fmod is proprietary by the way


02-11-2008 11:00:02

you implemented you own audio driver for the library or you just play audio seperatley?

I'm more for OpenAL and integration with OgreAL (as a suplementary source file, not built into the library).

yeah, I know FMod costs but some companies prefer it. I won't make a fmod interface because we don't use it, but if someoene does want to, I've documented the code very well on the wiki so it should be easy to get into it.


03-11-2008 23:53:48

I overwrote this class


i agree that openal is the best bet