01-11-2008 23:21:55

I'll be returning to the project in a few days again after a longer pause due to other priorities at my company.

I'd like to use this chance to ask if anyone is using this library? (this modification, not the original pjcast's version)


02-11-2008 03:04:50


Yep, I've used it to display the intro video on The Teddy Incident game. It was very easy to integrate, so thanks for the library! :D

I'm sure you're interested in feedback, so here goes a small problem we found that only happens on some computers ( well, actually just an artist's computer, then we more or less got a work around and haven't had the problem again ):

We play the intro animation when the game starts up. The intro is more or less a minute length. It can be skipped. Then the game goes into the menu.

The artist reported that after a minute or so after starting the game, performance started dropping until the game became unplayable. It was a minute after starting the game, regardless of if he skipped the intro or not.

We solved this by loading and unloading the plugin only when the animation has to be played. Then the game worked fine again for him.

Hope it helps.


02-11-2008 10:31:01

lol, similar things happened for us with the old plugin so we did the exact same thing :)

tell me, how many cpu cores does your artists computer have and how many do others have?

if I look into it and make some logging code, would you be willing to test it again (without reloading the plugin?


02-11-2008 23:01:06

We only tested on two computers, mine and the artist's, before solving it.

On my pc the problem didn't appear at all, but I have a quad core. I believe his computer only has one core, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

Well, I can only guarantee I can give him the modified version to try out, but I'm sure he won't have any problem testing it, he's a very nice guy :D


15-11-2008 04:53:06

Well im not currently using it at the moment but i was planning on using it sometime soon so i hope you can still keep up development.


15-11-2008 20:37:50

don't worry, I will definetly work on this plugin. if I can't find the time soon, I have it covered to do the project as a graduation work on my college (which is in a month or two). So, either way, it's covered ;)


15-11-2008 21:15:01

I m planning use it too 8)


19-11-2008 23:09:37

me too, I have been waiting to get rid of my previous version of theora player and replace it with this.


20-11-2008 04:24:47

I plan to use it for intro movies, and any other movies in my game.


09-12-2008 08:09:53

I am definitely going to use it! :)