Error in Ogre when setting up Theora


17-11-2008 21:14:46


I have followed the compilation guid at the wiki, but when I am about to compile the mail projekt I get the following error:

Error 1 error C2589: '(' : illegal token on right side of '::' c:\ogresdk\include\ogremath.h 547 TheoraVideoPlugin

Any ideas?

Also I seem to be missing some of the files for the demo that comes with Theora. Anyone know wher I can get them?

I realy appreciate help!


01-12-2008 23:09:18

I get the same error while compiling the plugin using OGRE 1.6 SDK

These errors are removed if we compile using the OGRE 1.4 SDK or by replacing OgreMath.h and OgreVector3.h files in the 1.6SDK by their 1.4 SDK versions..

Surely some OGRE backward compatibility problem,i guess..

Chris Thornton

21-12-2008 22:57:32

It's a simple fix: If you change the order of the includes in TheoraVideoManager.cpp to have the Ogre ones first, then the "TheoraVideoManager.h" and "TheoraVideoClip.h", it works fine