Switching videos and not-watching them


09-02-2009 13:42:16


It took quite an effort but the plugin finally works :) And it works great! I used the old DirectShow plugin till now and it was much slower and system-dependent.
But there's always a "but".

1. I was unable to find any info about playing various ogg files one after another. How should I handle closing the finished (or skipped) video?
I'm using TheoraVideoClip::stop() and close(), but the game sometimes crashes between videos, so I'm not sure it's a good approach.

2. If I don't play the videos at all the framerate tells me the videos are rendered anyway. After a while it returns back to normal. I tried putting "play_mode pause" in all ogg material scripts, but it doesn't help. If I remove all ogg material scripts before launching the game FPS is ok.
Am I supposed to search for all ogg materials and force them to pause/not-being-rendered somehow?

3. And finally the weirdest thing. If I want the files to be played correctly I have to rename "clip.ogg" file to "clip.og" and demand playing "clip.og", but... leave "clip.ogg" in material script. If I leave all intact ("clip.ogg") I get an error "... clip.og cannot be located...". Isn't that weird?

Any form of help would be more than apprectaied :)


16-02-2009 17:17:22

clip.og problem seems to be related to ogre 1.6. I have to look into it.

the best way would be to destroy a movie completley and start a new one. This doesn't work quite well at the moment, which is why this plugin is still classified as unstable.