Streaming video on Internet


31-03-2009 14:03:24


I'm newbie using theora plugin.
I need to develop an application similar to youtube (server with the videos, and a client connected to a server using Internet), but in an Ogre Application.
Can I use theora or I need other library?
Has anybody develop any similar application? If yes, please let me know how to use it.

Thank you in advance and sorry by my poor english.


11-04-2009 15:48:17

You can definitely stream Ogg files from the Internet. Ogg is geared towards streaming. You should take a look at connecting to an Icecast server.. simply buffer the incoming bytes, and playback when you have enough.

I managed to quickly whip up a Theora + C# + Icecast server in the past. It wasn't too difficult - though, I did have some streaming issues (making sure I had enough bytes to keep playback smooth, etc).


11-04-2009 20:19:15

It's doable. If there will be enough interest for this feature I'll probably do it.

and as pjcast said, ogg was designed for streaming, icecast proves that it works good ;)

with the plugin's new code design, there shouldn't be much problems with streaming, as long as there is enough data.