Update From February version to new one


27-04-2009 11:21:32

I just update my application from february version to the last one (aka today).
I have some problem in the execution where the new API wich don't seem to be known. But the compilation is allright ...

Plugin_VIDEO.so: undefined symbol: th_info_init
And the same with th_comment_init.

I'm linking with the libtheora-1.0RC1 wich is on the Fedora 10 package.
Any idea ? maybe a flag to add ?


27-04-2009 13:09:34

Ok now we need to link with theoraenc and theoradec

Something else, the play_mode is awalys acting as play, maybe the parameter is not really use.
Anyway Thanks for the seeking !!


27-04-2009 22:05:58

I am using theora 1.0 now, so you need to update to the latest version.

yeah, there is a new function for play mode in video clip, I am not using texture effect flags, will change that soon.

there has been a considerable change in the underlaying code structure and some things may not work as they used to. but the change was necesarry :)