Running with other OpenAL based library


20-05-2009 03:43:10


In order to play various sound/video, I need to use other OpenAL based library with OgreOggSound.
At this moment, I'm using Theora plugin for Video clip play and small *.MOD/*.S3M file OpenAL player based on libmikmod.
All of them, there are creating their own OpenAL device & contexts to play their data.
Because of this, when I play Video clip, I think OgreOggSound lost the validity of it's device/context.
After I play video clip or *.mod file, I can't play any sound with OgreOggSound.

I tried to get OgreOggSound's device/context(small change for .h file) at beginning of program and
pass it to the other library to initialize with OgreOggSound's decvice and context.
But, so far no luck. I don't have good understanding of OpenAL. So, running out of ideas. :(

How can I make it works with other OpenAL based library within one application?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thks in advance. :D


20-05-2009 15:49:44

Hi CyberCop,

I did a quick 'google' and it would appear OpenAL doesn't support multiple contexts on one device on windows, therefore I can only suggest working out a way to open and close devices as and when you need them.

Openal-soft was mentioned as a possible fix, maybe you could try linking to that and testing whether it solves the problem for you..


21-05-2009 02:01:16

Hi, stickymango!

I'll try OpenAL Soft as you mentioned. If it works, I'll let you know. :D
Thanks for the tip!

Good day!