[Solved] STREAM Problem


09-06-2009 11:05:33

SoundMgr->createSound("Test", "test.ogg", true, true, false); // sound for first 2 seconds

when stream = false all works fine, but with stream=true i got sound playing first few seconds. It's look like sound stops right after start

is that a known issue ?

P.S i use last svn version, ogre 1.6.2 vs2005


09-06-2009 11:55:42

Its not a known issue :? , can you provide me with your test.ogg and I'll look into it.

Are you using BOOST?


09-06-2009 14:02:23

Problem solved

I have recompiled the lib.

but thanks for reply anyway :)


09-06-2009 14:04:51

Ah, great news! :)