Sound "Areas"


17-07-2009 12:50:46


first of all - thanks for the great lib and hassle free installation on linux! :)

I've got two small suggestions: Remove CMakeCache.txt from svn as it has to be regenerated on individual machines anyway (and causes an error if one does not delete it). And instead of the "#ifndef LINUX" checks use "#if OGRE_PLATFORM == OGRE_PLATFORM_WIN32" or something like that, its a preprocessor define we can rely on (I had to explicitly define LINUX in my Codeblocks project).

Now for my actual question. Is there a preferred method to define "areas" of sound? Like the sound of the ocean - I have a feeling that arranging sound nodes at the coastal line will not only be tedious but also result in patchy volume distribution or clashing. Thanks for any input :)


17-07-2009 16:49:35

For this you can apply the scene node for each area

attach sounds to the scene nodes and set up listener relative to the camera.


19-07-2009 15:07:12


Thanks for linux hints, I'll sort that out.

As for areas, there's nothing built in for this so its really a 'whatever suits your needs' approach, either do as MusgooDKZ suggests or define some kind of bounding volumes and do simple box tests to switch sounds..


19-07-2009 17:49:57

Thanks guys :)


17-09-2009 18:47:39

Honestly the best approach to me would be creating a trigger region along the coast, and whenever you enter this region an ambient sound plays. (not relative to listener)

oops guess I revivied an older thread, sorry. :)