[Solved]Building with Boost 1.40


10-09-2009 16:22:57

I've had to update to Boost 1.40 to get the new Signals2 library. When compiling OgreOggSound, I get errors about function0. I updated from SVN to see if the issue still existed, and the library built successfully, but it was because the library was built without threading support. :oops:

mUpdateThread = OGRE_NEW_T(boost::thread,Ogre::MEMCATEGORY_GENERAL)(boost::function0<void>(&OgreOggSoundManager::threadUpdate));
Ogre::LogManager::getSingleton().logMessage("*** --- Using BOOST threads for streaming");
mActionsList = new LocklessQueue<SoundAction>(32);

I'm guessing boost::function0 has been replaced by something. Can you try updating to Boost 1.40 and updating this when you get a chance? :twisted:


10-09-2009 21:52:55

hmmm, bugger, I'll see if I can sort that out..


10-09-2009 23:09:35

try adding:

#include <boost/function/function0.hpp>
to OgreOggSoundManager.h.


11-09-2009 02:29:14

Yep, that did the trick. :)


11-09-2009 08:53:25

Excellent, I've added it in to the current revision so should hopefully not have future problems either :)