Sound plays different volumes for different files


08-10-2009 10:41:15

Hi, is there any reason why Oggsound would play some .ogg files at low volumes while others at the right volumes?
I ask this because i have two .ogg sound files which are the same volume in audactiy and every other media player, yet the one is played extremely softly(you can hardly hear it).

i've tried swapping the sound files to see if it could've been the code implementation that's wrong but the problem seems to follow the sound file.

i'm wondering if there's possibly a trick to the encoding, are there certain encoding settings that oggsound can't handle? :/


09-10-2009 17:08:34

Is one stereo and one mono by any chance?

All stereo sounds should be played back at their normal volume, the problem usually occurs with mono sounds because they automatically have attenuation applied even if you don't attach them to a node, they will be positioned at (0,0,0) by default, so when you attach your listener to your camera but don't set a position for your sound, you can randomly get different volume playback..