Feature Request - Specify Loop beginning


10-10-2009 20:27:18

Is it feasible to implement a feature that enables us to set the start position of a sound when it is looped? For example I'm working on an RTS game, and when you start the level, we fade in music and have this introductory music theme, followed by the main background music which is looped. This feature wouldn't really be specific to my scenario, basically any scenario where you have a track that contains both a intro and a looped main segment.

Also, was there any consideration put into the temporary sound feature that was proposed in another thread? Is this in SVN, or will do, or won't do?


10-10-2009 22:33:21

I think this should be possible, I've implemented a cue point system where you can preset start positions in a sound, so it should be possible, streamed sounds should be no problem, static sounds might prove a bit trickier but I shall look into it.

I'm currently trying to iron out some bugs with the temporary sound feature, I've had it working and its quite a nice feature just need to find time to finish it off but its on the way.. :)


15-10-2009 22:43:13

Thanks for temporary sounds!

The cue point system is already in place, or is that something that is going to be added in the future?


15-10-2009 22:48:06

Thats already in place, but it doesn't really solve your problem, next on my list :)

Would I be right in thinking you'd be using a streamed sound when manipulating loop points?

Although I'd like to implement a full solution to this request, I can see a partial solution would be available and quick to implement (streamed sounds), but I'm not sure an equivalent solution is implementable for static sounds...

In my view, I think it would be reasonable to limit this functionality explicitly to streamed sounds, not only because of the simplicity but also the nature of its use, static sounds used for short commonly played sounds, streamed used for long/infinite background sounds. Is that a reasonable implementation?

do you require a full implementation for this?


15-10-2009 23:59:32

I agree with you, its mostly useful for streamed sounds, that is what we'd be using. I'm not sure how you can easily limit it in the API, unless loop point operations on static sounds results in no-op. Just make sure if its not supported for static sounds, it should be documented so its easily discoverable/understood. :)

And Thanks again for all your support, your library is great!


20-10-2009 15:08:31

I've commited a solution to this for streamed sounds, do you want to check it out for me?


21-10-2009 01:49:50

Thanks for the quick turn around on this! I'm busy currently but I'll try to update to SVN and try this out in a day or two. :)


21-10-2009 09:51:00

No problem, no rush :)