[SOLVED]OgreOggSound background music


17-12-2009 03:50:21

This may be a very simple question for u, but i have just started using OgreOggSound for our project.
Since i have go through all the posts in the forum and question not yet arised.

When using background music do i need to continously play the music in update method.
like following

void update(elapsedTime)

Since this is ok to me. But do i really need to do this? Are there any other way of doing this?


17-12-2009 11:04:29

No, you call play() once and call update() every frame.

Are you experiencing issues?


17-12-2009 11:38:19

ahhh... that's right. Now i understand.
Once i called play method the sound play continuesly untill i call stop.
Thanx stickymango.
keep up the good work