[Solved]Load Difference in stable version and SVN


02-01-2010 05:48:48

:D First I wish happy and prosperous new year 2010 to stickymango and OgreOggSound community. :D
This is my question
I have tried this thing in svn version and current stable version in release mode.
These two versions acting different when it meats following line

soundManager = OgreOggSound::OgreOggSoundManager::getSingletonPtr();

SVN version says property not initialize error. And stable version works fine.

Under stable version even I didn't add 'OgreOggSound.dll' to plugins.cfg or manually loading Root::loadPlugin(); Still this works. Even if I add again it works.

But svn version if I add above lines it gives me ogreexception. saying cannot load this dll.

So If I continue with stable version is it OK? Right now I only need some basic sound implementation. No need of any fancy works.


02-01-2010 11:12:12

Hi deshan,

By stable version do you mean the svn stable version 1.0 or the .zip release?

If its the former then it should be fine to use for basic playback, although the latest version has many enhancements and would be preferred. I'm not sure what is causing that error message, I cannot find any info on it, can you take a screen grab and post your logs?

What version of OGRE, visual studio, BOOST, OpenAL are you using?


03-01-2010 07:06:28

Hi sticky,
today I took the latest version of oggsound from trunk and that works fine. :D
Thank you for your support.


03-01-2010 11:50:28

woohoo, great news!