LGPL version of OgreOggSound?


04-01-2010 16:56:22

So, I'm interested in OgreOggSound, but as far as I can see - it's GPL, which is a no-no for the project I'm working on :\

Is there a LGPL version (or another license, less restrictive than the GPL) of it available? The other libraries OgreOggSound depends on (OGRE, Boost, OpenAL and Ogg Vorbis) are all compatible with closed source software.

OgreOggSound looks awesome and a great timesaver, and I'd love to use it, but... :(

P.S. Before posting this, I thought OgreOggSound had only a single thread on this board, so I posted in the one that explains where to get it and so on :p How embarrassing XD


04-01-2010 17:01:59

The license is LGPL.


04-01-2010 17:04:42

I checked this: https://ogreoggsound.svn.sourceforge.ne ... ING.LESSER

And it has the GPL in it, but on second look, it has the LGPL in it too... and I guess the .LESSER specifies that the LGPL is in use? If that's the case, then it's extremely confusing :\ Is this how other projects do it?


02-02-2011 16:39:35

any chances to change the license to mit like ogre itself? i'd like to work with OgreOggSound on the iphone but using lgpl is not possible for me.


03-02-2011 21:17:04

TBH I'm happy to change the license to MIT if necessary, although I'm confused about the legal requirements for doing so, how do I go about it? :?


03-02-2011 21:34:23

Version 1.2 re-licensed under MIT.


07-02-2011 22:02:16

Great! thank you very much :) some source files still have the lgpl text in them.


08-02-2011 10:02:48

Doh, shall sort that!