[Solved]ERROR-Unable to open audio devic


07-01-2010 04:13:15

I am getting following error when test the project in some machines even they have sound card.
09:30:10: OgreOggSoundManager::init() ERROR - Unable to open audio device

later on how to check whether the sound is properly initialized?
Because application throw exception above when it somehow failed to initialize sound

EDIT : And do I need to destribute OpenAl32.dll with the project?


08-01-2010 12:34:42

Hi there,

Yes you do need to distribute the openl32.dll or point your user to the download for the distributable, as for the error I can only assume that openal or the soundcard drivers are not setup correctly on those machines, init only works off whatever the openal function calls return..



14-03-2010 08:07:47

Recently I have found the solution for my own question
Instead of just destributing the openal32.dll along with the project, I have to setup OpenAL Installer for Windows http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/oalinst.zip in all machines. That was the solution. Am I right sticky?


15-03-2010 09:26:02

To be honest I always run the oalinst.exe installer inside my application installers for completeness anyway.

There's obviously other files required then what I thought so your probably safer using the installer.