[Solved]Problem with VC9 and WIN32


20-03-2010 23:56:36

I'm having trouble compiling OgreOggSound. Everything looks fine and then near the end, I get:
1>c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: 'WIN32': No such file or directory
1>Generating Code...

and it fails.

I'm using boost 1.42, openal 1.1 and ogre 1.6.5, if it matters. I also didn't receive this particular error before.

Can anyone help?


21-03-2010 14:24:13

Here' the answer to my own question:

I followed instructions in Getting and setting up OgreOggSound and got the VC8 version. Once I downloaded VC9 version, everything seems to work fine.


22-03-2010 10:50:28

I believe this is a path issue, probably an undefined Environment variable IRC.