Doppler Effect


13-05-2010 18:38:16

I have been trying to get the doppler effect to work with no luck, I have had a look at the source and noticed the setVelocity is never being set, is there a reason for this??


14-05-2010 09:12:07

OK, so after reading all the OpenAL manual's and specification it seems that you are not meant to set velocity in OpenAL 1.1, just position and orientation. However why cant I get the doppler effect to work!??


23-05-2010 21:48:46

I don't understand why the doppler effect shouldn't work, here's a page describing the effect and how to set it, it seems setting source and listener velocities along with a global doppler factor shold suffice

NOTE:- in OpenAL 1.1 setDopplerVelocity() is deprecated, use setSpeedOfSound().