Lister move inside the node


16-05-2010 07:19:47

My question is bit difficult to explain, So i have attached a image.

As you see in the image the sea is around the island. And there is a sound for the see.
when the listner walk on that line sea sound level should vary.
My question is is their a way to implement that effect. It is a not another node to attach the sound.


23-05-2010 21:53:10

I don't think there's a built in way to handle that scenario, I think you'd have to implement that management yourself. :?


24-05-2010 04:15:28

Hmm... I can understand. Cannot expect that much easy and straight way.
Lets find a way
Thank you for the reply


25-05-2010 16:12:27

Am I right in thinking you want the inverse of the attenuation algorithm just for that sound?

The sound should increase as you move away from a defined point (i.e. as the radius from the centre of the island increases the sound of the sea increases)?

What about using four sea sound sources pointed at the island from the N,E,S,W directions with slight overlaps so that you head towards a source as you move to the edge of the island?


25-05-2010 16:48:04

Your first solution seems very good. Why didn't I think like that :(
The second one cannot accept. Because island is quite big.
I shall try the first one.