[Solved]So much time to load


29-06-2010 22:26:10

Hello all!

Well, first of all, I want to know if there is any documentation available, because I had to get the basic code from another forum post ;)
The problem, if it is, is that I am using a music ogg file to play it in the background, it's size is 12,6 MB as it is from a CD (High Quality).
It takes some minutes to load it, and if possible It would be great if I could track the loading progress of the file, or at least know if any file is being loaded;
To warn the user, you know.

Cheers! :D


30-06-2010 16:29:28

HI there,

If you download doxygen then you can use the batch file in the docs folder to generate the API reference documentation.

Regarding the loading, can you not stream that sound file instead, would make the loading a lot quicker!

Anyway, there isn't really any provision to track the loading progress but you should be able to use the SoundListener class to setup a callback for notifications about when a sound has loaded, the loaded sound is passed to this function so you can detect individual sounds..


30-06-2010 19:04:08

Thanks for the answer!!

Can you give me some details about how to stream a local file?
I only have heard of streaming in Online radios! :lol:



30-06-2010 20:47:07

Check the api but basically just pass true as the parameter for streaming when calling createSound().


30-06-2010 21:23:26

Haha completely perfect, it even starts playing before anything is shown in the screen xD

Thanks, and good job with the plugin! :D :D