Cannot hear sounds


27-07-2010 06:32:59

After i load my sounds i can't hear them. I don't think its a code problem but i do notice that during startup I get the message: Unable to get OpenAL minor version number.

My question is, is this the problem. And how do i get rid of it.


27-07-2010 15:30:57

Did you check the demo? Can you hear the sound there?



27-07-2010 20:34:58

I wasn't aware of any demo, where can I find it?


27-07-2010 21:58:21

Demo can be downloaded from here: Demo

You shouldn't be getting any error messages so it could well be your problem, you could also try the OpenAL demos directly to see if they work, they come with the OpenAL SDK download..


27-07-2010 22:45:33

the is for windows and won't run under wine for me.


28-07-2010 10:33:24

Are there any demos for OpenAL you can test with?