[Solved]possible OgreOggSound 1.16 (linux) callback bug


28-07-2010 20:26:57

I was working with a SoundListener when I ran into a snag--a looping sound does not call the callback. When I looked at the source and compared OgreOggStaticWavSound.cpp:

// Notify listener
if ( mSoundListener ) mSoundListener->soundLooping(this);

to the OgreOggStaticSound.cpp:

// Notify listener
if (mListener) mSoundListener->soundLooping(this);

My ogg sounds do not call the soundlistener. Is the OggOggStaticSound checking the validity of mListener instead the mSoundListener the cause of the problem? Thanks In Advance.


28-07-2010 23:57:58

Thanks, good spot!

Bug fixed. :oops: