[Solved]The phonation of WAVE file differs from Media Player


16-08-2010 17:51:10

I'm playing the 8-bit 22050 kHz WAVE file using OgreOggSound v1.17 but its phonation differs from sound that I can hear using Media Player.
Does OgreOggSound or maybe OpenAL apply any setting to played sound that can change the phonation?
Is it possible to remove such settings?

I've tested another 16-bit 22050 wave sound file (containing speech) and discovered that OgreOggSound plays the wave sound much faster than neccessary.
I think 2x or 4x speed. So why the phonation of sound changes. Probably the frequency of sound is set incorrect?
How can I restore the correct value of frequency in OgreOggSound?


19-08-2010 21:33:50

Hmm, I don't know why that is, could you provide the sound files so I can debug them and see what might be the issue?


20-08-2010 10:05:52

Thank you for your reply, stickymango.
After investigations I've discovered that the problem was in my old sound card 'Aureal A3D 2.0'.
The driver that OpenAL uses plays sound files at fixed frequency of 44100 Hz regardless of the true frequency of the sound.
After changing the sound card the problem disappears.


20-08-2010 11:53:01

phew, excellent :D