OgreOggSound Getters


18-08-2010 23:24:08


In OgreOggISound.h there are many setters like setMaxDistance, setRolloffFactor, setReferenceDistance with no corresponding getter.

Is this purposeful? Before I implement the getters myself I was wondering if there was any reason for the absence of getters?


19-08-2010 21:26:45


You are correct that there are no getters for those functions for which there is no actual reason for this other then I never really needed them nor found anybody else needed them.

You can add getter's for them if you like but I shall add them to the core lib anyway.

[Edit] Added to SVN. (anymore let me know.. :wink: )


20-08-2010 21:28:41

Hey StickyMango,

Thank you a ton! I was thinking the overhead of me trying to submit a patch vs the actual work of implementing them was disproportionate :)

I'll take a look at your patch and see if it fills in the needed getters.

Again, thank you.