[PATCH] mingw and openalsoft


15-10-2010 13:34:39

This patch contains the following fixes for building on MinGW using OpenAL soft:

- added test for efx.h and changed all #ifdefs to use the resulting variable (HAVE_EFX) instead of OGRE_PLATFORM_WIN32
- added test for boost and POCO (POCO is not tested)
- don't try to build threading support when no threading library is available
- fixed INSTALL by adding ARCHIVE and RUNTIME

Hope this helps and doesn't break anything. Thank you for writing this library, saves writing a lot of boilerplate code. :)


15-10-2010 22:35:46

Thanks for this! :)


10-11-2010 15:21:20

Finally got around to reviewing this, basically there's nothing wrong with the patch that I could see, however I had an odd issue using Visual Studio where I couldn't see any EFX related functions from within my applications, and this caused my apps to crash. :(

What appears to happen is that when I build the lib I get all the EFX releated functions exported correctly, but when I try to use them in a project I get 'unresolved external errors'. For some reason the functions wrapped in HAVE_EFX remain invisible to my app. :?

However, if I defined HAVE_EFX in my client app then they became visible and my app wouldn't crash :)

Anyway, I've added the following block to OgreOggSoundPreReqs.h:
* Specifies whether EFX enhancements are supported
* 0 - EFX not supported
* 1 - Enable EFX suport
#ifndef HAVE_EFX
#define HAVE_EFX 1

This unfortuantely counter-acts your code for checking and auto-generating this flag, but it still allows disabling of EFX supported code where it isn't available.

I don't really know why this is the case so if anybody else can fill me in that would be useful, and hopefully lead to solution! :lol:

Anyway, thanks for addition to the lib!


22-11-2010 11:03:22

I think I know what's going on: when compiling the library, cmake defines HAVE_EFX. When building the application HAVE_EFX is not defined (except when setting it manually, as you did). I think the issue can be fixed by writing a config.h file, where HAVE_EFX is defined. The library includes then include config.h and expose the definition to the application.