[solved]Why need a scenemanager before calling init()


06-12-2010 12:06:29

Hi sticky,

I have another question with version migration.

Why I need a scenemanager before calling


Unless I get
17:31:33: OGRE EXCEPTION(7:InternalErrorException): No SceneManager's created - a valid SceneManager is required to create sounds in OgreOggSoundManager::init() at f:\static_paths\graphicsdev\engines\ogre\ogreoggsound.1.19\1.19\src\ogreoggsoundmanager.cpp (line 347)

Just a question.


06-12-2010 13:43:34

Hi deshan,

its because OgreOggISound and the listener are movableObject derived objects which can only be created via SceneManager, in init a listener object is automatically created so it therefore requires a SceneManager instance.


07-12-2010 17:39:41

Thanks sticky,

I guess it is also a new feature in 1.19, I should have a look into my code. My oggsound code is scripted. I think I should update the library to match with new oggsound version 1.19, because it always output an error.




08-12-2010 08:24:40

Yes, script library was the problem, Now things works ok.

Thanks sticky


08-12-2010 12:33:18

Okay, glad its sorted!