[SOLVED]Create Sound new parameter imediate?


12-04-2011 15:51:01

Hi Sticky,

What is stands for imediate parameter?

createSound(xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, imediate);

@param imediate
Should added too...

Please note that It's really important for me to knowing these, because i'm using srcipts and much to the annoyance i have to supply all default parameter values. :(



12-04-2011 16:14:03


Thanks for spotting that!

It was an unfinished optional parameter, specifically for the MULTI-THREADED version, to allow a user to force a per-sound command to execute immediately where the delay incurred from background processing was unacceptable.

It would be useful for ensuring that things like play/stop/pause/create happened at the point at which the call was made, rather then the default offload onto background thread and carry on..

I've now finished off the implementation for it now so you can force immediate execution of play()/stop()/pause()/createSound() when using the MULTI-THREADED library version.

Does that clear things up? :)


12-04-2011 18:26:55

yup things clears.

I guees with this I could I could sound listners

Thanks sticky