Using ogre for representing live sound streams


06-12-2012 09:07:52

I am doing a research for my masters and I'm in the last stage of it. My main research is face pose detection for a virtual conference like environment.
I'm using ogre as my graphic engine!! I have to do a demo of a virtual conference.
I wanna know whether it is possible to take microphone input stream to be played into ogre using this OgreOggSound library.
It seams a great library and hope this will be helpful for me!!

Further more I want to stream several microphone inputs to others through a network and mix others streams before playing it in ogre. Is is possible to mix severalstreams here or making several sound nodes will do it for me??



06-12-2012 11:30:42

Hi There,

Unfortunately the library is only for 'playback' of audio, there is a record class but this is for recording to a file not for mixing live, maybe you could modify the record class to your needs but depends on time.

I think you can only open a single capture device from OpenAL, so any mixing of multiple streams would have to happen before coming through the capture device.



06-12-2012 12:07:30

Okey I will give it try and will update if possible to update ur library!! Thanks for the quick reply. :D Actually I want several sound streams captured from several other machines to be mixed and then play it. With the time I may have to Do it external to the ogre environment. Thanks :)