using dolby 5.1 system


06-02-2013 22:32:23

hi all!
i'm having some issues, but one most important is this: I have a 5.1 speakers in my pc, it works perfectly, with the games, movies, I see perfectly the pan left right and front rear...
but with my project with ogre and ogreoggsound, only left right with the front speakers work...

have you got some ideas?


19-02-2013 22:58:11

Some more details required:

* Are you talking about spatialised sounds not panning correctly or are you playing 6-channel audio files?
* Are you initialising OgreOggSound with the hardware device or using the default device?
* Does the log file indicate which device is being used?


10-03-2014 22:36:47

hi, I'm talking about mono files played in 3d ambient, I've initialised with default device, in the log the default device is the only device available