Headphones - sound panning


08-05-2013 19:14:17

When sound comes from the speakers - everything is fine. When I put on headphones - some sounds are panned too much to the right/left so that sound only comes from one side of the headphone - this makes it somewhat uncomfortable (bordering on painful) to listen to. I can't explain the feeling exactly.

I realize that mostl ikely the sound engine does pans the sound because that's where it is originating reletive to the listener - but is there a way for me to combat this? Maybe another sound model?

thanks for any advice


30-05-2013 21:39:38

Hi Chaosavy,

Thats a weird one!

I don't know of any solution to that problem, I guess you can try the other attenuation models but it sounds to me like a higher level issue beyond OpenAL, does this occur on other systems too?