Configuring for iOS


26-09-2013 01:13:28


I've been researching for an API for sound in Ogre for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even iOS. It seems apparent that OpenAL is the way to go and OgreOggSound is the right wrapper over OpenAL. I successfully built OgreOggSound for OS X and am aiming to get it working for iOS. So far, I haven't seen any attempts to do so with OgreOggSound. I am wondering if there is a reason why.

So far, I have static libraries compiled for iOS and successfully linked them to the Ogre template. However, I wouldn't dare to run it on the simulator or an actual device if they somehow cross into some red-zone.

Looking forward to some answers to speed up my research on this!

Update: I've built a universal static OgreOggSound library for iOS. It seems to run well on the simulator and the iPad. It's only been tested on the latest iOS.


25-10-2013 20:55:17

Sorry I can't contribute to your research but I'm glad you've managed to get a version working for ios, hope it proves useful for you :)