Crash at mSoundManager->init()


21-02-2015 13:11:43

Hello everyone!

After about 2 hours compiling, building and including I finally got my project running again. I downloaded the latest OpenAL Library and compiled the OgreOggSound.sln in both debug and release with Boost 1.5.7 and Ogre 1.9 SDK.

I added the plugin to the plugins.cfg and plugins_d.cfg files and added the ogreOggSound.dll to the project path, but at the mSoundManager->init() function, my programm crashes (Release Mode. In debug mode it crashes when I call window = root->initialise(true); ) What am I doing wrong? I am using VS2010 Express. I found out that this problem is common but I didn't find a solution because I can't debug through the init function..

Do you have any ideas? I tried to find something in the Ogre.log files but no real information is given there.. No errors are displayed, the last line only says (The creation was succesfull) (translated from german)

@Edit: I compiled the OpenAL Samples, they all work.

Greetings! :)