[Solved] Crash after the Maximum sources are Hit


15-10-2008 16:32:08

There is a problem when hitting the max number of sources. I seams they dont get released properly after releasing the sound object. That what caused the crash I posted in the Other Thread. You can test it by creating a loop that constantly creates, play and deletes a sound object. when the max number is hit ( 100 on my machine) it crashes when triggering the play method.


15-10-2008 16:37:19

Hmmm, I shall try to debug that then. Is this in the multi-threaded version?


15-10-2008 16:45:12

jap it is. I think it could be that you forgot to call OgreOggSoundManager::getSingleton().releaseSoundSource(this); in the ISound Destructor ;)


15-10-2008 17:00:24

Yes your right, although its in the destroySound where it doesn't make its source available back to system. Thanks for debugging it though :)


15-10-2008 17:15:16

perfect :)


15-10-2008 17:17:12

In SVN now, naturally :P


15-10-2008 17:46:47

hmm it still crashes... perhaps the sources are not released properly


15-10-2008 17:49:45

Hmmm, I did a test where I capped the maximum sources to 2 and then created and destroyed 100 sounds and didn't have a problem... I'll try and look into it again :?


15-10-2008 17:57:18

ohh sorry:D , i do not merged the sources correcly.
It works!


15-10-2008 18:43:57

One down :P