Welcome to the OgreOggSound Forum :)


15-10-2008 17:16:30

Welcome to the OgreOggSound Addon forum! :D

Here you can discuss, query, browse and generally find all information relating to OgreOggSound audio library. Please use this forum responsibly and make it your only port of call for all queries regarding OgreOggSound within the OGRE forums.

I'll put up some information about how to use and access the library in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Sticky. :)


15-10-2008 18:43:42

Awesome! grats on getting a forum stickymango. :D


15-10-2008 18:46:12


Hopefully this will help speed up development and awareness.


15-10-2008 19:16:35

greetings for your new forum, it's a little step forward :D


16-10-2008 07:33:33

Congratulations! :D

Good luck and keep up your good work!


16-10-2008 09:33:01

Thanks guys :)


13-11-2008 00:44:23

Ahhhh boy, I am glad there is an alternative to OgreAL finally, since it seems to be dead and I can't get around of some problems. I really hope this one will not die away like OgreAL did.

One question right away. My whole sound engine is build on OgreAL and I use most of its features. Does it supports all the features that OgreAL did ?

Keep it up please, this is very much appreciated!

btw. Is there a wishlist to go with that one ? Also will it remain purely a wrapper or will you come up with your own features with time ?


13-11-2008 09:56:23

I think I've covered most, if not all of them, if there is anything that I've missed then let me know and I'll try to add it.

Wishlist/enhancement requests are always welcome and will be added wherever possible, I have no problem expanding the library to be more then just a wrapper, the only problem at the moment is I'm very busy at work so don't get a lot of time to come up with and implement additional features, but its something I plan to do yes.