Some examples needed


25-10-2008 05:22:02

I've download all the necessary files, and try to implement OgreOggSound to my app, but i can't find any tutorials or any else start point. Maybe i have missed some files or useful links?
In other words i need some tutorials!


27-10-2008 10:18:44

Hi Crioto,

Currently there isn't any tutorials at the moment, there is a demo app which is a kind of tutorial in how to use the lib, however thats only available via SVN at the moment.

Is there something particluar your having problems with?

An example of quickly creating a sound and playing:
mSoundManager = OgreOggSound::OgreOggSoundManager::getSingletonPtr();

if (mSoundManager->init())
// Create a streamed sound, no looping, no prebuffering
if ( mSoundManager->createSound("Sound1", "sound.ogg", true, false, false) )

An example of creating a 3D sound and setting some properties:
// Create a static sound, no looping, prebuffered
if ( newSound = mSoundManager->createSound("Sound1", "sound.ogg", false, false, true) )
// Attach to a SceneNode
Ogre::SceneNode* sNode=mSceneMgr->getSceneNode("NodeToAttachSoundTo");

An example of changing the attenuation algorithm:
Then in your idle function:
The library is fully documented and hopefully features intuitive function naming to make it as simple as possible to use. Any problems give me a shout!


27-10-2008 10:38:32

Oh, thank you man!
Ok, API will provide me more depth info, but i was looking for some start point. Well, for now, i have place to start.
Thank you again

[upd]: I think you must upload the same minimal info to the Ogre Wiki Pages


27-10-2008 11:44:25

When i try to compile i got the error message
'Visitor' : is not a member of 'Ogre::Renderable'
How can i solve it?


27-10-2008 11:51:18

The library requires the Shoggoth version of OGRE to compile, however if you remove the references to visitRenderables() from the code it will compile with 1.4x


27-10-2008 11:56:11

Oh, i've missed that i have 1.4 version at my work =) Downloading..

Thank you! You are the fastest replier in the world :D


27-10-2008 12:05:12

Being allowed to have internet access at work helps! :D


30-10-2008 05:47:07

I have an error when i try to use OgreOggSound: Error Application failed to initialize properly 0xc0150002


30-10-2008 10:18:59

Isn't that the Visual Studio SP1 issue? what IDE are you using?


30-10-2008 11:05:59

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Maybe the problem is from Boost thread? Tomorow i'll try to build SVN-version without that feature and i'll post the results. Or problem is't in thread?


04-11-2008 11:50:48


I would appreciate if there would be a wiki article about the usage of this nice lib.



04-11-2008 12:04:59

I shall look into it at some point but I'm really busy at the moment, so no timeframe on that, sorry.