[Solved] Cant compile OgreOggSoundLib.sln


06-11-2008 07:37:11

I am a newOne in Ogre and trying to implement sound to my project. I have the next problem appearing: I ve downloaded installed and set up all necessaries for OgreOggSound. Trying to compile OgreOggSoundLib.sln but appears the next error:

1>c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: 'WIN32': No such file or directory

I ve checked twice or maybe more my additional directories, and everything seems ok. My MVS2008 seems to be fine. Any other projects And OGRE projects with a same sets runs, links and compiles fine. Whats going on Please help me out.


06-11-2008 07:41:48

Ooops :oops: Forget to introduce Myself


06-11-2008 14:22:34

Looks like a path problem, most probable BOOST_ROOT environment variable isn't set/defined.


10-11-2008 06:54:47

Yes you were right. it s really was a path problem. i ve checked the BOOST. Thanks a lot stickymango and thank you for quick reply.

Best Regards. Bakyt


10-11-2008 21:28:34

No problems, you got it sorted now?


13-11-2008 06:22:01

Yes it s Ok now. It Compiled. But I still didnt tryed it with OGRE and dont know yet how it will be reacting. I am a little busy with dealing another job. After finishing i ll come back to OGG. If i will have problems, Would you please guide me next time too :)

Thanks a lot for help and care.

Regards Bakyt.


13-11-2008 09:58:13

No problems, whenever you need any help just ask :)