[Solved] Is OgreOggSound compatible with Ogre3d 1.6?


09-11-2008 05:49:43

Is OgreOggSound compatible with Ogre3d 1.6, I'm asking because I downloaded the precompiled version (v93) and it is giving linking errors. Did you compile v93 with shaggoth (Ogre 1.6)? If not when are you going to do it?


09-11-2008 12:17:26

Yes its compiled against 1.6 Shoggoth, what linker errors are you getting?


09-11-2008 23:54:49

Don't worry, I fixed it. It is the >c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: 'WIN32': No such file or directory error that I saw in another thread.

Thanks for the reply though and keep up the good work.


10-11-2008 21:29:25

Great, thanks.