Projects using OgreOggSound...


27-11-2008 21:49:04

Hi All,

I'm curious to know what projects people are using OgreOggSound in and what feedback, if any, people have about the library.

Looking at the download statistics it seems theres been quite a bit of interest, so it would be great if people could post any information about what up and coming projects it might feature in, so we can all look out for it :P

Any testimonials and/or reviews would be great information for current/future users.

I'll kick off with what I'm currently using the library in, which is 3D pantomime shows in England. I'm using the BOOST threaded version with both ogg and wav audio files for background scores and sound effects. :D

Your input would be much appreciated.


30-11-2008 07:35:37

This is my own project I had made for my graduating thesis:

"3D rendering of a dynamic environment in gaming scope"

here a link to download a demo:

What do you need to run the demo:
* Latest Directx Runtime:
* Latest OpenAL:
* Latest Physx System Software:

Here some features:

* Day/night cycle (using caelum)
* Realistic water reflection, refraction (using hydrax)
* Optimized rendering of static paged geometry (using paged geometry)
* Free camera with variable speed to explore the ambient
* Terrain rendering with tsm from heightmap with physx collision detection support
* Terrain texturing with splatting textures technique
* Parallax mapping on road texture for good depth effect
* Multiple sounds playing support (using OgreOggSound)
* Multiple particle system effects (using particle universe)
* Random weather conditions simulation, with:
* Dynamic wind variables (speed, direction)
* Rain effects with different intensity, speed, direction (wind correlated)
* Thunderstorm with lightning effects
* Thunders' sounds calculated in base of the lightnings positions related to observer position, with real attenuation/distance retard to hear them.
* Water surface update in base of weather conditions (big or little waves)
* No presets defined, all is random

All this is into a framework that provide:
Sounds management
Particle Systems management
Physx management
Paged Geometry management
Input management

with possibility to extend it for development of a complete game.

Here a screenshot:

this is my first Ogre3D experience, and I hope that's not the last ^^


13-05-2010 22:50:26

Hi stickymagno,

I'am experimenting in using ogre3d to learn C++. So i created a stupid game(my first ogre project) and i used ofcourse ogre but also OgreOggSound. It was quite easy to use. :D

Here is a link to a movie where is used OgreOggSound : For the gun sound and the background music i had used OgreOggSound.



23-05-2010 21:51:31

Excellent, great start!


22-11-2010 18:35:32

Ok i fainlly upgraded my code to the latest OGRE release and while at it porting my code from OgreAL to OgreOggSound.

I am working on an ambitioned naval warfare project:



24-11-2010 22:51:44

Using OgreOggSound for the OpenDungeons project, an open source Dungeon Keeper inspired game.


08-03-2011 21:56:20

Looks like I forgot to post when I first released my project to the web: 3D space sim/rts hybrid. Sounds are placeholders, at this stage...