Terrain Scene Manager and depth


14-05-2009 23:00:19

I use Hydrax with a worldGeometry and I have to reload this scene without remove the scene manager.
The first time I load the scene, everything works perfectly. But when I try to reload (so I remove hydrax and I clear the scene with mSceneMgr->clearScene()), Everything that was underwater isn't visible. I use addDepthTextureTechnique().

Do someone know how I can solve this problem? I tried to change the smooth power (because when I comment smooth power in the .hdx, I always see perfectly underwater).
When I remove techniques of my material with : static_cast<Ogre::MaterialPtr>Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingleton().getByName("Island"))->removeAllTechniques();
water stay transparent but I just dont have any texture (normal...).

first time:

after :


15-05-2009 10:59:58

Ok, I found how to solve my "problem".
I just remove the technique added to the material and it works perfectly.