There is no glsl support?


09-06-2009 07:09:13

I am newbie of Hydrax, I just downloaded 0.5 version then find if I use opengl, the gpu programmer will count error. I took a look into codes, seems only cg and hlsl available. Also I find only windows sln project supported. No Linux build environment available.
I am a little bit wonderring, is it by purpose or just no time to do it?
If it is no time, maybe I can do some little help.



03-08-2009 10:26:48

Hi daqula,
At the moment only hlsl and cg are supported, glsl is not supported due to time-cost, anyway glsl support is in my plans.
About the linux build environment, the reason is that I haven't any computer with linux right now :cry:, anyway for next versions I'll add cmake support, so the build stage won't be a problem anymore :)

If you want to use Hydrax under OpenGL, you can use CG, but due to some CG bugs(as far as I know, new CG versions have these bugs fixed) some little modifications are needed, see:



26-08-2009 13:54:54

hey there,
i succesfully built and used hydrax on my mac.
i had to do some changes to the sourcecode - mostly includes the mac-ish way.
the cg version works, but has the same visual errors as described in the link.
now i am stuck because the proposed solution in the blogpost does not make sense to me.
where should i change those things? AFAIK there are not much shader files but most of them
get assembled at runtime, depending on the configuration.
and i am a bit overwhelmed with the whole Hydrax sourcecode ...
so could someone please elaborate more on where to make this changes?
thanks in advance!

p.s.: thumbs up for the project and future linux/unix and glsl support.
i would definitly prefer this.