setting compiler option for hydrax


18-07-2009 09:43:42

I tried to build hydrax project but buid with error.

cl : Command line error D8016 : '/GL' and '/ZI' command-line options are incompatible

pls help me to resolve this...

If anyone know how to setting compiler options for hydrax project ..pls send some details for it..


27-08-2009 14:36:14

yes, i have expirienced that as well.
the visual studio solution/project is a bit a mess.
maybe this is because of my conversion to vs2008,
but it did not build for me out of the box.

any way, to get rid of overruled settings go to Demo1 -> right click -> properties -> c/c++ -> command line and delete all of the settings (they are set before and some of them are even invalid)

hope this helps!