caelum + hydrax -> problem with shading of terrain


28-08-2009 23:48:10


i followed all the very helpful instructions in this threads and finally got a real good system to work which works caelum 0.5 and hydrax 0.5.

horizon line render error - check
caelum materials with hydrax technique - check
combination of caelum's sun position + direction + the watercolor to get more believable rendering - check
disable caelum fog - check
add depth technique for terrain material - check, BUT ... here comes the trouble.
when the sun goes down everything gets moody and darker, but suddenly the whole island turns fullbright/ambient.

first, everything ok

half a second later :(

i used the terrain (Island) from the hydrax sample and also the terrain from the ogre sample (but with the Island) material.
i don't know if it has something to do with caelum. i think the Island material is the problem. i hope anybody can help me with this !!!!

btw, keep up the good work and thanks in advance!