Wierd Water Reflection


29-08-2009 05:49:43

I'm using the Caelum 0.4 and Hydrax 0.5 under OpenGL mode.

I don't know much about "DepthTechnique" , so I didn't do something like :

mHydrax->getMaterialManager()->addDepthTechnique( static_cast<Ogre::MaterialPtr>(Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingleton().getByName("Island")) ->createTechnique());

I just load the Cfg and create the hydrax.

All the scene worked just fine.

Just the reflection is not quite right when I look form a high position.

Here's the screen shot:

[url=http://cid-14a2cc44eb863872.skydrive.li/]http://cid-14a2cc44eb863872.skydrive.li[/url] ... /wrong.png

Don't know if this cause by the DepthTecnique. (If yes , could you teach me something about that or some hint?)

I've setting a smaller value about "PlanesError".

And Setting the Caelum and Hydrax by the topic : http://www.ogre3d.org/addonforums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8458&hilit=hydrax+caelum#p49261

Stuck on this for a few days.

Just can't make it right.

Please give me some advice , and thanks for read this.

PS: sorry for my poor English.


01-09-2009 08:37:16

Do you use any other Caelum component ? Like Depth Fog ? It may disturb Hydrax RTTs. When you disable Caelum, does the water works properly (using a simple skybox as replacement) ? If so, try to enable Caelum components one by one and see which causes problems.

Also, DepthTechnique allows you to have some kind of "underwater fog" on your objects and your terrain, so it's not "cut" and more seamless.