Strange water behavior


11-09-2009 14:24:37

I have some trouble with my water.

On this pic you can see that the water height is lower than the sphere and the whole blocks.
But if I move the camera a bit lower it looks like this:

No it seems the water is higher than the camera, the sphere and all the blocks. But it isn't.
If I move up again all looks ordinary.
So it is not a wave or somethin like that. The camera will be under water the whole time, if I move it down. But I don't understand why.

EDIT: I have just played with the position of the water and I have recognized that the water doesn't get "over" the object. It ist just around the objects. Does anybody know what the reason for this may be?

I hope you can help me!
Thanks in advance


11-09-2009 16:19:47

I got a real strange reason: If I use MyGUI and a layout with static Images(although I destroy them before starting the game), the water don't get over objects.
Has anyone an explanation for this?