Problem: No water surface


22-09-2009 19:13:43

Heya, it's me again :)

I finally got Hydrax working, but my water surface isn't drawn for some reason.

I'm using basic Hydrax startup and update codes.

Above water:

Under water:

Here are the HDX file I'm using and the log file that's created:

Does anyone have any idea where my water surface went?

EDIT: I just also checked it in the editor, and the water seems fine there...




23-09-2009 12:03:41

It's a problem with STENCIL SHADOWS -> Disable them.

However, now my skybox has disappeared.


23-09-2009 20:06:17

Mmm strange the skybox issue, can you post your Hydrax initialization and updating process code? :)


24-09-2009 14:36:39

It got solved when I decreased the skybox 'size', it was 99999*3, then it was only visible underwater for some vague reason, I put it to 99*3 and now it's visible in either case.

There's propably some small problem with the depth/depthtechnique, but as long as the visuals work out I'm ok with that.