change hydrax ocean wave setting


29-09-2009 08:59:30

I want to change the hydrax ocean wave setting without modifying the hydraxdemo.hdx file. I want to change the wave setting using codes for create the different sea environment(like choppy strength,...).please send your valuable comments to me to solve my problem.


29-09-2009 13:28:58

You can change all Hydrax settings on the fly, each Hydrax::Module and Noise::Module have a setOptions(...) funtion.
For other water params, you can use Hydrax::set...(...), and each Hydrax manager(Hydrax::getGodRaysManager(), Hydrax::get...Manager()) have their on set funtion for them parameters.


P.D.: For code examples, see HydraxEditor sources.


30-09-2009 05:23:31

thanks for your reply......

Actually i want to change the wave setting option in main.cpp file in Hydrax. I tried lot but it's not work correctly.

pls, can you send me the link for download the hydrax editor source files.