How can Hydrax be used with a small body of water?


18-10-2009 08:28:32


In going through a number of posts on the forums, I saw some suggestion to the use of Hydrax with finite bodies of water rather than a single infinite body. Is this indeed possible? And if so, how?

I'd like to take a finite sized plane and add Hydrax to it in the middle of a scene to use as a lake rather than the ocean.



18-11-2009 15:56:09

Hydrax is mostly ment for large bodies of water (oceans, like you mentioned) it might be possible to tweak your HDX file to only create a small water surface, but I wouldn't be suprised if the fog etc effects will be throughout the entire level... Again, though, I'm not sure, but I do know lakes just isn't really what Hydrax is made for.


18-11-2009 16:14:04


You can use Hydrax with the geometry you want.
By default, Hydrax comes with three geometry modules:
- ProjectedGrid (Infinite water)
- SimpleGrid (Simple NxN grid)
- RadialGrid (Like the simple grid but with radial geometry)

But, of course, you can code your own geometry module.

The main limitation is that you can only use one of this modules at the same time.
Check out the editor to see how they work.