getHeigth() equation is wrong


19-10-2009 16:15:13


My floating ships are almost always being drawn ON TOP of the water, even though they are supposed to be partially submerged.
i.e. you can't see the waterline.
Non-floating things below the water look as they should.
After some tinkering I have discovered that the Hydrax::getHeigth() function is not using the same equation as the actual waves so is returning incorrect heights.


22-02-2010 13:44:35

have you been Able to fix this somehow?


22-02-2010 13:54:30

no, I just tried to work around it; I tinkered with the waves until they matched more closely to the [sic] getHeigth() function. It looks okay 70% of the time - I think the error is more obvious in my simulation because I am using a scale of 1 Ogre unit = 1 meter, and the plugin doesn't scale well down to this level.


27-02-2010 19:57:35

I've tested in a lot of situations the getHeigth() function and I've always got the expected results, so it seems odd, check if your simulation is correct and if it's, just build a little app which reproduces the error otherwise I wont be able to debug it.


01-03-2010 16:05:23

I'm short of time at the moment but as far as I can remember... there seem to be 2 surfaces to the water. One has the actual detailed wave geometry, and another one seems to control the overall flow of the water and some shader/light/reflection stuff. Because of the scale that I'm using it was *very* tricky to get the two surfaces to match up closely. When I looked into the code last year the getheigth() function was returning the height of the smoother underlying surface and not the detailed waves. Hope that helps!