Anyone uses Hydrax with sinbad terrain?


23-10-2009 21:38:38

Anyone uses Hydrax wit new sinbad terrain?
I've tried out it but i've got blending errors on terrain,anyone knows how to do this?



24-10-2009 10:19:29

Can you post your hydrax setting-up code and some screenshots of your problem? :)


27-01-2010 10:57:44

I think I might have a similar problem.

It seems that the alpha fade to the shore appears no not match the shore line (or is not being calculated) I also cannot get the caustics effect to show up either.
This shows up as a very sudden line between the water and the land, with the water showing most if not all of its blue colouration

Now this could arise from a couple of things

1) My inexperience with Hydrax ( though I'm no newb programmer by any long shot. ;) )
2) a conflict between the new Terrain module in Ogre 1.7 and Hydrax 0.5.1

Some sketchy details.
Compiled under - DEBUG
Projected RTT
Depth Limit set to 14.0
Position of Hydrax mesh in the Y coord - 14.0

Screen shots are worth a thousand words, so I'll try an post one tonight.


28-01-2010 08:05:32

Pictures of the problem I'm experiencing.

Note that the landscape is showing through

But the alpha never fully fades out the water at its edge


28-01-2010 11:58:08

You have to add the Hydrax depth technique to your Terrain material.



28-01-2010 12:23:38

I do?
Thats fantastic.
I assume I have to do this to the materials of all objects that I know will enter the water?


04-02-2010 23:12:09

FYI, Ogre::Terrain recalculates/re-creates its material under some circumstances, in those cases, do not forget to re-add the hydrax technique to the new created material :)