Disabling fog with hydrax


10-11-2009 12:53:26

Hey I have been trying to disable the fog for hydrax by change the MaterialManger.cpp settings.

I looked at the api reference and as far as I know you are susposed to do something like this to dissable the fog.

void Ogre::Material::setFog ( bool overrideScene,
FogMode mode = FOG_NONE,
const ColourValue & colour = ColourValue::White,
Real expDensity = 0.001,
Real linearStart = 0.0,
Real linearEnd = 1.0

But with my little coding knowledge I am have trouble adding this to the different materials.

Thankyou for any help :)


18-11-2009 15:53:06

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the easiest way, especially if you don't have a lot of coding experience, is to disable it in the .hdx file, instead of rhummaging around in the code... Have a go with the Hydrax editor, I'm pretty sure you can set the fog to either reeaaalllyy far or off altogether.


18-11-2009 16:19:53

Unafortunately Hydrax 0.5.1(and previous versions) seems to has some problems with built-in Ogre3D fog.
The unique solution, atm, is to edit yourself Hydrax/MaterialManager.cpp and disable manually the fog for any material/techniques.

I'll put it in the top of my TODO list for Hydrax 0.6, but due to my current project(Paradise Engine, which, of course, uses Ogre for rendering! and will do a very intensive use of Hydrax and SkyX) I will work on the next version in some months, I can't tell you any date, but about Febrary/March.



25-02-2010 20:16:15

Sorry, I forgot that I posted here a while ago . Thankyou for your help.